Why CBD oil could be pro athletes’ new secret weapon — and yours too – TimesLIVE


Sports players are using CBD products to legally enhance performance, while disciples say it should be used by everyone in their daily health regime

17 January 2021 – 00:02 By trevor chrighton

There’s been an explosion of CBD-laced products on the market since the then minister of health, Dr Aaron Motsoaledi, signed legislation in May 2019 that permitted the sale and distribution of low-dose cannabidiol (CBD) products. The makers claim all manner of benefits — and now professional athletes are using approved products containing CBD to legally enhance their performance on the field.

Hemp is non-intoxicating cannabis that’s been harvested for over 10,000 years to produce things like food, rope, clothing, paper and housing material. CBD, when extracted properly from hemp plants, doesn’t have any psychoactive properties in the way that dagga does, and is one of the few products recognised by the World Health Organisation as being “generally well tolerated with a good safety profile”. It also doesn’t produce an excessive release of dopamine, which could lead to addiction…

Source: https://www.timeslive.co.za/sunday-times/lifestyle/health-and-sex/2021-01-17-why-cbd-oil-could-be-pro-athletes-new-secret-weapon–and-yours-too/

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