Using Caliva Cannabis for Wellness with Amaliny Hasselbeck

Amaliny Hasselbeck is a San Francisco-based entrepreneur and lifestyle blogger whose loves include surfing, traveling, the outdoors, cooking, and the mind-body wellness derived from Caliva cannabis. Originally from Germany, Amaliny has lived in eight countries – absorbing local knowledge for spiritual and personal growth.

What does wellness mean to you?

Amaliny: Wellness to me means making choices towards a fulfilling life and having healthy habits. I find fulfillment in the ocean, that’s why I go surfing as often as I can. Surfing is many things at the same time – indescribable feelings, joy, friendships, a source of fear, a spiritual connection, and a path to self-discovery. It’s the perfect me-time.

What kind of everyday activity brings wellness into your life?

Amaliny: I care a lot about wellness. Besides surfing, I have dedicated time every evening for my daily skincare routine, I love hiking and traveling, spending time with my family, cooking and reading philosophical literature and autobiographies.

How does cannabis enhance your wellness experience with your activity, pre or post activity?

Amaliny: Cannabis helps me set the mood. I am relaxed and focus on the task at hand. And usually, it also gives me a good night’s sleep.

Tell us something fun or interesting about your wellness activity?

Amaliny: I dreamt of surfing at a very young age. I grew up in a small village in Germany without waves anywhere near. The first time I went surfing was when I spent a semester in Australia in my early 20s. I loved it, and since then tried to go as often as possible. I feel blessed to live in the Bay Area now and consider it a pure luxury that I can go surfing whenever the waves are good. The most beautiful surfing day so far was when there were three whales playing in the Bay. They were so close and the whole experience was so magical that I didn’t realize that I was in the water for four hours and missed a business meeting – something that usually never happens to me.

No matter how you choose to enjoy your cannabis, the feeling you get when you encounter your happy moment is unmistakable. What does your happy momentlook like or feel like?

Amaliny: I feel relaxed, carefree, and at peace with myself. I feel absolutely fulfilled in these moments.

What’s your favorite Caliva CBD or Caliva Cannabis product?

Amaliny: I prefer the oils, tinctures, chocolate bars and gummy bears and also body lotions.

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