Showik Chakraborty’s Confessions to NCB – Arranged Drugs For Sushant Many Times, he Would …

The sessions court said on Thursday that it will be pronouncing the order on the bail plea of Rhea Chakraborty and Showik tomorrow. The decision comes a day after Rhea and her brother’s lawyer Satish Manshinde applied for bail in the court citing that there is no evidence against his clients and the NCB’s case against them stands invalid. Now, news channel India Today accessed the entire copy of Showik’s statement given to the NCB including his confession related to procuring drugs for Sushant Singh Rajput, his sister’s boyfriend, and knowing several drugs peddlers. In his statement to the NCB that’s recorded under 67 of the NDPS act, Showik made these revelations: Also Read – Rhea Chakraborty to Stay at Byculla Jail For Another Night, Court’s Order on Bail Plea Tomorrow

Showik arranged drugs for Sushant Singh Rajput
Showik confessed that he has arranged marijuana and hash for SSR several times but has not taken any drug himself. “Further, on being asked whether I have arranged any narcotic drugs for Sushant Singh Rajput or Rhea Chakraborty or anyone else, I state that I have arranged manicured marijuana and hashish for Sushant Singh Rajput. I also state that even though I arranged the drugs for Sushant many times, I remember the recent instances where I arranged drugs for him through my friends,” he said. Also Read – How BMC Delayed Court Hearing to Carry Out Demolition at Kangana Ranaut’s Office

Rhea told Showik that SSR was taking drugs 4-5 times a day
Showik said that he could recall one incident when he arranged marijuana for SSR during the lockdown. He said, “Through WhatsApp chat, my sister told me that Sushant is taking marijuana at least 4- 5 times a day, and based on this I told her that I will arrange 5 grams of Bud (curated marijuana) which was enough for smoking 20 times. Then I contacted Abdel Basit Parihar, a friend of mine, for sourcing this quality of Bud and shared the rates of Bud with Rhea and Samuel as Samuel Miranda used to be the house manager of Sushant then.” Also Read – Rhea Chakraborty Arrested Without Evidence – 5 Claims That Actor Makes in Her Bail Plea Before Court

What happened in March as mentioned in the leaked WhatsApp chats
Showik confessed that the WhatsApp chats extracted by the Enforcement Directorate were all true and discussions regarding procuring marijuana happened in March. He said that he talked to Rhea and figured out that SSR was smoking around four marijuana joints in a day.

“I immediately called my friend Abdel Basit, who after contacting one Bud supplier named Zaid conveyed me that a gram of Bud would cost Rs. 2000/- and with 5 grams of Bud, one could make 20 joints. Then Rhea replied saying let me pay for the Bud and let Samuel Miranda buy the Hash. Further, I cannot remember as to why I have replied that there is no Hash. And the rest conversation is a general nature related to family affairs,” said Showik.

Sushant contacted me to say that his stock of bud was getting over
In another statement that busted the myth about how Rhea and others were ‘giving’ SSR drugs without his knowledge, Showik revealed that ‘Sushant called him’ to convey that his stock of bud was about to be over in April this year.

The 24-year-old student said, “Sushant called me and conveyed to me that his stock of Bud and weed were about to over and the same was conveyed to me by Samuel Miranda. When Samuel Miranda initially requested me to arrange weed or Bud for Sushant, I said that I don’t have many contacts to arrange Bud and Weed frequently however on 17.042020 Samuel again contacted me over WhatsApp chat and conveyed that his old suppliers like Karamjeet (KJ) have run dry of drugs.”

Rhea said ‘anything will work for Sushant’
Showik added that his sister knew how much of which drug would Sushant have and therefore, he contacted her to ask about the quantity and the name of the drug that the late actor wanted then.

“I called Rhea and as Sushant and Rhea were together at that time and she said anything will work for Sushant. Then again I contacted Basit regarding Bud or weed but he replied that only Hash (Hashish) was available. He also informed me about the price i.e. Rs 6,500/- per tola (per 10 grams),” said Showik.

Showik also talked about his association with the drug peddlers, one of whom named Suryadeep Malhotra is his school friend. Rhea’s brother also confessed to have known another peddler, Basit Parihar, but not Zaid Vilatra and Kaizan Ebrahim. The NCB has booked Rhea and Showik under Section 27A of the NDPS Act, which implies punishment for financing illicit traffic and harbouring offenders.

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