Review: Rhythm ‘Recover’ CBD-Infused Seltzer


Rhythm recently expanded its line of CBD-infused seltzers to include a third variety: Recover.

Formulated with natural lemon and ginger flavors, 15 milligrams of broad-spectrum hemp extract, and turmeric root extract, Recover is fresh and inviting.

The ginger and turmeric blend isn’t too overpowering. It is just bitter and peppery enough without giving you the fiery burning sensation that accompanies other turmeric drinks.

Likewise, Recover’s aroma is welcoming, and its vibrant yellow color is visually appealing and resembles passion fruit or orange juice.

As is the case with the other two SKUs, Recover has 5 calories and relies on monk fruit for sweetness. Unlike Awake and Dream, however, Recover isn’t enhanced with a supplement like caffeine or melatonin. Instead, consumers should know that turmeric contains beneficial curcuminoids that can reduce inflammation.

Consistent with Rhythm’s two other offerings (Awake and Dream), Recover is packaged in 12 oz. slim cans that are adorned with brightly colored shrink sleeve labels.

Again, we’d like to see some additional text that explains the feeling someone can expect after drinking as well as a redesigned label that doesn’t rely on stock imagery and can really stand out on shelf.

Overall, Recover feels like a more complete beverage compared to the other two Rhythm SKUs. Its flavors are more balanced, and the effervescence is properly dialed in.

A four-pack of Rhythm CBD-infused seltzers sells for $23.99 on the company’s online store.

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