Reader: Marijuana Social Equity Is Great — and Five Years Late

New marijuana business licenses for would-be entrepreneurs who lack funds but come with other credentials are closer to reality in Colorado. These micro-licenses are intended to raise social equity within commercial pot by making business permits more accessible to those harmed by the War on Drugs.

While applications could become available in early 2021, a year after the law took effect, the state Marijuana Enforcement Division continues to hold rulemaking hearings. The new licenses will be connected to and housed within the facilities of established cannabis companies that agree to play host, and would come with discounted licensing fees.

In general, stakeholders applaud the new opportunities. But some worry that they come with other expenses. Says Sebastian:

Nice to see some equity being built into the system.

Notes Ryan:

The grow is the expensive part of the operation, not the licensing fees. You don’t need a grow to have a dispensary now, but the money is in the THC….

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