Penguin CBD Review: Why It’s Our Top Choice

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You may look at Penguin CBD and ask yourself, “Why would a CBD company build an entire brand to revolve around an Arctic flightless bird?” The answer is simple: Penguins are super chill. Which is how Penguin CBD wants you to feel when you use their products.

This is one of the few CBD companies on the internet with a cheerful energy—which is welcome in an industry based on cannabis/hemp products. Penguin CBD makes you feel at ease from the moment you visit the home page, and its lack of pretense is a welcome sight for anyone who has visited more than a couple of CBD company websites.

Penguin CBD is a newcomer to the market, but you wouldn’t know it based on the quality of its products, or the transparency and organization of its website. Founded in 2019, Penguin has had just over a year to get its act together in an industry riddled with confusing regulations and a challenging product stigma to overcome. In just a short time, the company has managed to make a name for itself by creating one of the most robust broad spectrum formulas we have seen.

A versatile yet simple product line reflects Penguin’s values with conscientious development and a focus on quality. It has put together a team of industry experts in agriculture, education, and chemistry, to develop CBD oils, lotions, capsules, topicals, and even pet products that are quickly garnering attention and praise from the media and customers alike.

CBDStudy has rated Penguin CBD’s broad spectrum formula as the #1 best quality on the market, and with good reason. Even companies that make truly good CBD products struggle to create a broad spectrum formula that actually contains a full profile of cannabinoids without ending up with THC in the mix as well. As a result, most broad spectrum formulas are actually closer to an isolate, or they are advertised as a broad spectrum despite the presence of THC.

Penguin, however, managed to develop a broad spectrum formula that produces the entourage effect consumers are looking for, without the THC that can ruin a good employment situation. The company’s demeanor is cheerful enough to put a smile on your face, even while ordering your CBD from the website.

These factors, combined with Penguin’s transparency and excellent customer service, are more than enough to justify the slightly higher price you will pay for products from this company. Your money will be well spent when you make your next CBD purchase from Penguin.


  • Lots of company transparency
  • Outstanding broad spectrum formula
  • Gummies are made with CBD isolate
  • Bright, cheerful branding
  • Simple website with products that are easy to understand


  • No full spectrum options available
  • Prices are somewhat higher than average, but to be expected for premium products

About Penguin CBD

Penguin’s attention to every detail has been essential to the quality of the products that the company puts out; and their unique approach informs an attractive and accessible branding that makes room for everyone to be family.

There are plenty of wellness brands out there keeping consumers grounded in mindfulness and intention, and there is no shortage of CBD companies following suit. It seems like everywhere you turn, wellness products ask you to slow down, take deep breaths, and tune in to your innermost self.

The athletic angle is the other side of CBD branding. Companies out there want you to take their CBD so you can get ripped, run faster, and box harder. They are getting pro and Olympic athletes to endorse their products, and writing blog articles about how to use CBD to help you lift more.

While this is all good stuff, it can be a bit overwhelming—and it makes the act of self-care feel more daunting than it needs to be.

Sure, it’s great to make a morning yoga session out of getting your daily dose of CBD, but sometimes a moment to smile is all you have time for. Feeling good may be serious business, but it doesn’t have to feel like it. The Penguin team knew this as they began developing Penguin’s branding, and its bright, cheerful packaging inspires a sense of whimsy and joy with every dose.

Points of Interest

Even though Penguin is just over a year old, the company is getting all kinds of buzz (THC free of course) as one of the top brands on the market right now. Rolling Stone, Healthline, The Daily Beast, and several other publications have recognized the effectiveness and quality of Penguin CBD’s products [1]., a website dedicated to consumer information and education in the wellness industry, has added Penguin to its list of best brands [2]. And customers everywhere rave about Penguin’s oils, topicals, and gummies.

The company believes that transparency and accessibility are the keys to successful products customers love. The website makes everything you would want to know about the company clear and easy to find, and product descriptions are thorough and straightforward. Customer service is ready to promptly and cheerfully answer any questions you have, and they make contacting them simple through a form on the website.

Penguin CBD’s Process

If you walked into the grocery store and saw all your favorite fruits and veggies labeled with signs noting that they had been sprayed with tons of dangerous toxins and grown in soil that contained lead and mercury, you would probably opt to spend the extra cash on organic, right? You would at least be more insistent on making sure you knew where your produce was coming from.

Hemp is a bioaccumulator, which means that it absorbs everything in its environment. So it is even more important to know where your hemp is coming from—especially considering that China is the world’s largest exporter of the plant [3]. China’s agricultural regulations are different from those in the US, and you could end up with a dangerous CBD product if you don’t know where the hemp used to make it was cultivated.

We won’t go into detailed horror stories about what can happen if you end up with CBD full of impurities, because the solution is simple. Make your CBD purchases exclusively from companies that are open about where they are sourcing the hemp used to make their products. You should be able to quickly and easily find this information on any CBD website you visit.

Right on the homepage, Penguin lets you know that it sources its hemp from Oregon farms. These farms use sustainable growing practices, meaning that no pesticides or chemicals are ever sprayed onto the hemp used to make your CBD. Penguin doesn’t just want to make a high-quality product that satisfies customers, it cares about the earth as well. The company is very forward about its eco-conscious approach, and you don’t have to look very hard to learn about the practices that go into cultivating the hemp in its products.

Testing and Extraction

Penguin uses a CO2 extraction process to preserve as many of the beneficial elements of the plant as possible while eliminating all the THC. CO2 extraction gives the processor more control over the final product because it can be done at low temperatures, and it does not alter the compounds of the plant as much as other methods [4]. It also does not require any solvents, so there is no concern for residue, unlike with ethanol extraction.

The result of this process is pure, potent CBD, with a cannabinoid profile that delivers a complete entourage effect. You get all the beneficial cannabinoids and terpenes, and a mild, light flavor. Penguin uses the same method to create its CBD isolate as well—except everything but the CBD has been removed. Penguin always sends its finished product off to a third party lab, to confirm that the labeling is accurate with every batch.

Lab Results

You know you have a company that cares about transparency and quality, when you find one that shares all of its lab results right up front on the website. Some CBD companies only share the lab results via a QR code on the packaging, which requires a purchase. Some require that you contact them and ask to see the results—a marketing ploy that gets your email and maybe even your phone number so they can send you ads later. And others just don’t share the results at all. They may or may not even invest in testing.

Penguin CBD provides a link right on each product page, taking you to the lab results for every batch of every product it makes. You can tell that the company has simply scanned the third party lab results and then posted them on the website, and this is actually an area where Penguin could up its game. Real, official lab results are nice, but they are difficult to decipher.

The effort at transparency is much appreciated. However, it would be nice to see the lab results alongside an explanation of what all the columns, letters, numbers, and words we can’t pronounce mean.

Penguin CBD: Product Line-Up

Penguin is one of the only companies we have found that centers its product line around its broad spectrum formula. Not very many companies manage to create such a robust cannabinoid profile while eliminating the THC, so Penguin’s pride in its products makes perfect sense.

The company has a well-rounded selection, with items that will satisfy almost any of your CBD needs. We like that you don’t have to spend hours researching the products you are considering, because everything the Penguin CBD offers is no-fuss and simple.


  • CBD Oil: This CBD oil is emulsified with MCT oil in order to aid absorption and take some of the bite out of the natural bitterness of CBD. All bottles come in a 30mL size, and you can choose between totals of 250mg, 600mg, or 1000mg of CBD. If you like the earthy taste of hemp, or you intend to add your CBD oil to your favorite food or beverages, then go with the natural flavor. Other flavors include mint, citrus, strawberry, and cookies and cream.

CBD Topicals

  • CBD Cream: Made with a base of shea butter and cocoa butter, infused with lavender and peppermint essential oils, Penguin’s CBD cream comes in a four ounce jar and contains 250mg of broad spectrum CBD.

CBD Capsules

  • CBD Capsules: Penguin’s CBD capsules are made with its broad spectrum CBD suspended in MCT oil. Bottles contain 30 capsules, each with 10mg of CBD.

CBD Gummies

  • CBD Gummies: Penguin CBD’s gummies come in a nondescript “fruit” flavor. They are coated with a sweet and sour sugar, and they contain 10mg of CBD isolate each. Jars come in one size of 30 gummies.

Lab Results & CBD Quality

We sent Penguin CBD’s 600mg broad spectrum oil off to a third party lab for testing and were pleased when the results indicated that we got 66mg of bonus CBD!

It’s very common for CBD concentrations to not be exactly what’s on the label, and it’s always nice when it’s over rather than under.

We also love to see a robust broad spectrum formula, which is a rarity in the CBD industry. Penguin pulled through, with one of the most potent cannabinoid profiles we have seen. To see full lab results and a more in-depth analysis take a look at CBDStudy’s review of Penguin CBD.

Our Penguin CBD Shopping Experience

Shopping on Penguin CBD’s website is quick and easy. The site is friendly and cheerful—in line with the branding of the company—and information is straightforward. You don’t have to do a lot of searching to learn about Penguin CBD or the products you are considering. It’s all right there, presented with a bit of humor to go with the company’s bright color scheme.

The menu at the top of the screen will take you everywhere you want to go, and you can use it to quickly find whatever you are looking for. There is no search bar, but you don’t really need one with the simple product line. Every item has a large linked photo on the homepage, and you can also find them in the dropdown shopping tab in the top menu.

If you happen to have any questions at all, Penguin’s team is literally waiting on standby, ready to help you out. The company wants you to feel like family, and their customer service department is prompt, friendly, and welcoming.

Shipping and Returns

Penguin offers free shipping on all orders in the United States, with no minimum purchase necessary. The company ships to all 50 states, as well as Canada and the UK (for an additional charge). Their shipping is lightning fast, and they will sometimes process your order on the same day if you make it early enough. If you are in a real hurry, you can always pay a little extra for expedited shipping.

One sign of a company’s confidence in its products is whether or not it offers a satisfaction guarantee. Penguin pledges to give you a full refund if you find that you are unhappy with your order, so long as you return the unused portion within 30 days.

Final Thoughts on Penguin CBD

Penguin CBD is nothing if not consistent, and it is the most cheerful CBD brand we have yet to come across. We think it has just as much to do with the quality of the CBD the company makes, as it does with the mascot.

Penguins may have the superpower of keeping calm and waddling on, but Penguin CBD’s broad spectrum formula gives its customers the superpower of chill. Made with sustainably-grown hemp that has been carefully extracted using a CO2 method for precise control over the finished product, third party lab tested for purity and potency, and packaged in bright, happy colors, Penguin’s products put a smile on your face before you even empty the dropper under your tongue.

The company has managed to simultaneously develop one of the best broad spectrum formulas on the market, create a transparent and attractive brand, and get itself noticed by major publications as one of the top CBD companies—all in a matter of about a year.

The product line is simple and easy to understand; and though the prices are slightly above average, you are getting one of the most premium quality products on the market today. Be sure to visit CBDStudy to see its review of Penguin CBD, find detailed lab results and analysis, and learn more about the company’s products.


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