Letters to the Editor: Koski

How to say no to pot facilities

EDITOR: This letter is intended to give people information on how to say NO! to the pot grow dispensary that has applied for permits at the corner of Alder and Franklin streets in Fort Bragg. To let your voice be heard you need to send an email to city clerk June Lemos’ email address which is [email protected] with your concerns, make sure you have a viable complaint why you feel this project should not be approved. I believe the planning commission will be meeting on Dec. 9 to review this permit for approval or disapproval. All of these emails should be provided to the planning commission by the city clerk, so the more emails we have the stronger our objection will be as long as we have viable complaints. Please let your voices be heard so we don’t let these people keep changing the identity of our town.

— Jay Koski, Fort Bragg

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