Letter: Buying medical marijuana from out of state shouldn’t be illegal

I read in The Tribune Weekly edition that those of us who have medical marijuana cards were as of Jan. 1 breaking the law if we traveled out of state to purchase THC- and CBD-based medicine we need to cope with the pain we are in.
I have peripheral neuropathy. The pain is at times hard to bear. I would go sometimes with three hours of sleep or less for days at a time. Now, I could get myself addicted to opioid-based pain meds and sleep aids, but instead I chose the alternative meds offered with THC and CBD.
The chews I eat help me sleep. I now average 9 hours plus restful sleep a night. I buy balms to rub on my feet and legs and they greatly relieve the pain as well. There is no cure, only pain management.
When the one pharmacy opened in Salt Lake City, I was happy because I thought, “Wow, I won’t have to go out of state.” Well, more often than not, the pharmacy downtown doesn’t have stock in my products.
Wendover does. They have the product when Salt Lake City is out.
I don’t smoke it or vape it, nor do I buy those products for friends or to resell, because that is illegal.
Once again, because of a difference in value systems, Utah wants me to become addicted to pain meds rather than take nonaddictive products.
We still operate here under the influence of a ridiculous movie from the 1930s called “Reefer Madness.”
If you haven’t seen it check it out. It is silly, outdated and ridiculous.
Reinstate the approval of being able to buy it out of state to maintain my health regime, which is working.
Kevin M. Sillito, West Valley City
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