LandCBD™ Brand Story – Land-CBD


Outside of LandCBD™ , I’m in a full power creative industry and, whilst I love what I do, I crave the need for a sensory release and way to chill at the end of the day.

In the past I’ve struggled with my sleep, but CBD has really helped to relax me and sleep well. On the flip side, it can also help me to get into my creative flow – I love how diverse it is and can be and how it responds to where I’m at and what I need.

The 1000/2000mg bottles we’ve created have been designed to make it really easy and accessible to consume the recommended droplets to suit your lifestyle.

My Early Days

From a really early age I’ve been mindful about my health & wellbeing.

I was also the kid who would ask deep questions about the universe and why things are done a certain way in the world.

I always felt like the odd one out to be honest, but nevertheless I kept going with things that nourished me and continued doing things differently.

Fast forward to my early twenties and I’m really glad I followed my own path and that gut instinct.

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