Kickstart 2021 With These 25 Hilarious Stoners and Weed Quotes!

25 hilarious weed quotes of all time

What could be the better way to kickstart 2021 than with some hilarious weed quotes?

It might be possible that you are looking for some great stoner quotes just to impress your homies and stoners friends next time you meet over the smoke session or just to ‘level up’ your weed knowledge. Whatever the case, you have come to the right place!

We have a wide and ‘weedy’ collection of some of the best & funny marijuana quotes we collected over the years. For this article, we have selected the top 25 of them– just for you lovely people.

These stoner quotes are not only good for a laugh but can also educate & inspire others to smoke weed! Without much ado, let us get you all ROFL with these top 25 hilarious marijuana quotes of 2021.


1.Yeah! We totally agree with this one! Smaller the circle, less the bullshit, and more smoke. We also believe that the friends who smoke together, stay together!

2. We do agree that 4:20 is an official time to smoke, but it doesn’t matter if you smoke at 4:22 too! After all, 4:22 is also 4:20! If you agree with this, smoke a blunt!

3. Just like I get horny when I see a hot bitch, my lungs get horny every time I smell weed! And the desire is so strong that it only calms down when I smoke a full blunt!.

4. Not kidding, but we know more men who remember their first bong rip more clearly than they remember their first kiss! Pot helps you experience a whole new kind of orgasm that you don’t feel even with your girlfriend.

5. This is one of the best stoner quotes we ever read. Willie Nelson has always been a strong advocate of cannabis legalization. And this legendary quote by him very much sums up why he advocates cannabis legalization! We love you, Willie!

6. Ahh! Another legend, another legendary marijuana quotes! We do agree with the ‘Austrian Oak.’ Weed is nothing but a leaf, just like a holy basil leaf that offers a range of physical and mental health benefits. So instead of calling it a ‘bad drug,’ we must embrace it for being a life savior drug.

7. Yes! Life should be simple, stress-free, and happy. Eat, sleep, ROLL, repeat!

8. This one is quite creative with a great message– weed is the NEED! Various studies and researches have manifest that cannabis is a wonderful medicine that helps fight multiple conditions and diseases. Therefore, it’s high time that we detach the stigma attached to weed and accept it as a ‘Need’!

9. Of course, break up hurts, and those memories with your partner live forever. But once you start torching up, you will find that blunts are more interesting than your memories with your ex. So if you wanna get over your ex, start hitting the hay!

10. Stoners are good at heart! They don’t mince the words and say what they really feel about the person or situation. Besides, the sarcasm level is always on high when stoners get together!

11. Another legend, another marvelous weed quotes! Snoopy is one of the celebrities who always rally behind weed legalization openly. And this one– one of his many marijuana quotes ultimately proves why we all need weed more than alcohol!

12. This one is quite hilarious! When you are high on weed, you don’t know what you speak or what you do. But, if you are the lucky one, it might be possible that your parents ask you this because they want to offer you some! Who knows?! But we say– don’t take the risk!

13. Marriage is not only about love and compatibility. Find a partner who loves weed as much as you do, or at least don’t oppose you for blowing! Because we are sure that she will also start blazing soon if you educate her about the benefits of weed!

14. This is also one of our favorite weed quotes of all time! It is the perfect answer to the people who believe that smoking marijuana makes you delusional. No, it does not! Instead, it makes us enjoy the reality even more!

15. LMAO! We can’t agree more! All a man need is– a bad bitch that blows well and a good weed that he can blow well! Nothing more.

16. Yeah! Coughing is a necessary part of smoking. So if you are not coughing, you are not doin’ it right! Proper smoking would bring the weed inside your stomach and not only the mouth.

17. Barack Obama believes that– We Can! But we– the stoners, believe that– Weed Can! Weed can also help you do things that ‘clean’ people can’t. So if any of our stoner readers planning to run for the presidency next year, can happily use this marijuana quote! It’s copyright free!

18. LOL! This one literally gets us ROFL. Ask your friends and homies to call you ‘Your Highness’ next time they meet!

19. We are not sure about whether love happens at first sight or not, but we firmly believe that love happens when you share a blunt! Always be the first to share a blunt!

20. We have a different meaning for BAE= Blunts, All Day, Every Day! You agree?

21. Marijuana is overly criminalized by some people who don’t know cannabis at all. The same people support alcohol, which in fact is more harmful to the well being of people. This, one of our favorite marijuana quotes, sums up it well.

22. Whoaaa! We never knew the weed has such a hidden power to make us the next Usain Bolt! But now we find how!

23. Bong could be an ice breaker for many of us. Just by offering the blunt to someone, you can be his next BFF!

24. OMG! This is quite true! If your girl knows how to roll a good blunt, she will definitely know how to be good & wild in bed too! You better wife her as soon as possible before another stoner snatched her from you!

25. This one is also one of our all-time favorite stoner quotes. In fact, we proposed that the traffic department across the world should use this slogan as a part of the awareness campaign to bring down road accidents and alcohol deaths.

These are the top 25 hilarious & life-time marijuana quotes and weed quotes that you should remember throughout 2021 and later in your life. Also, next time you meet with your stoners’ gang, make sure you crack a few of these to ROFL them up!

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