Khat, marijuana most used drugs by Ugandan adolescents

Khat in a polythene bag

Kampala, Uganda | THE INDEPENDENT | Khat and Marijuana have been listed as the drug of choice for many adolescent boys and young men, according to findings of a study by Makerere University School of Public Health.

Khat is a flowering plant which contains a stimulant believed to cause excitement, euphoria and loss of appetite among users. According to the report, a total of 2,500 adolescent boys and young men aged between 10 and 24 participated in a survey conducted in August in all the five divisions of Kampala.

They were asked whether they have ever used an illegal substance and the substance they preferred. The study involved both schools going and out of schoolboys and young men. Findings from the study showed that 50 per cent of the people who took part in the study had used a drug between January and August 2020.

The findings show that 12 per cent of adolescents and young men aged 19-24 years used Khat compared to 10 per cent…

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