Is this something experienced because of withdrawal?

I am now 5 weeks in from quitting. I have smoked daily for the last 5 years. After 3 weeks I smoked a bong, “feeling good on a Friday” kinda thing.. and I experienced the following; The best way I can describe it is, as if my brain rolled backwards 360degrees in my head; and I thought I was maybe going to pass out. A very weird “numb/fuzzy” sensation ran through my entire body, arms & legs included. Within seconds after all that, I could feel these “electric currents” running through my arms and legs, as if electricity was running through my veins instead of blood. My body felt “lame/weak” and I then started to shiver, as if I was cold. I could feel a cold sensation especially over the left upper part of my body; surprisingly the same area where I experience discomfort when I get anxiety attacks. Anyone experience this?

On a separate note, I am now at 5 weeks and experiencing vivid nightmares involving scenarios where I am under threat to be killed. This is messing my sleep up completely and is making me too anxious to sleep, knowing that Ill possibly have a nightmare experience again. I’ve just woken up from the worst one I’ve had yet. I see this topic was discussed around 5 yrs back on here & CBD was one of the recommendations to help subside the dreams a little.. Can anyone confirm any other natural recommendations like teas or certain foods that could also help?

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