I wonder how many people smoke a sativa their first time trying weed, get anxiety, think all weed is like that, and never smoke again

Dawwwg no joke, I’ve been a heavy stoned since a young age. I started getting high around 5th grade (10-12 years old).. Anyways, me being young and introducing marijuana too my friends and girlfriend at the time. My best friend decided he wanted to try some, so me being myself, rolled up a fat Reggie filled blunt… me , my ex and my buddy smoked the stogie up. About 5 minutes into the sesh my buddy started absolutely tripping, saying he felt he was going to die, like literally yelling at me that he was dying. He was absolutely tripping, ran out front of the house and proceeded to get on his hands and knees in front of a full powered sprinkler and drink it like a dog. After that soaking wet, I believe he passed out for a few hours and slept it off in my basement lol , and I know for a fact he hasn’t smoked since this day because of that day. We’re 24-25 now

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