I had a very strange reaction to some gummies

I have no idea if I should flair this as a warning or discussion. I took Super Chill CBD gummies and Idk what to call what happen to me but it was insane! Everything was in slow motion, 10 minutes felt like 2 hours! IIt felt like the world was spinning without it actually spinning. If I stayed still everything would warp and my brain would go into imagination overdrive but then I would move and things would go back to normal. At one point I went to the bathroom and laid on the floor because I was on my back on the couch and it gave me cotton mouth. It legit felt like the world and myself were lagging. I only remember listening to music and that helped me keep focus that everything is in my head. At first I thought I was legit high from these things but I’ve been high before and that was not it. I could walk fine when I decided to and I swear I felt the munchies. I knew something wasnt right so I tried to lay down and take it easy but my brain was straight wired. I remember barely being able to talk after a good while. It was as though my mouth couldnt open. Nothing felt real at all. I didn’t freak out but I was quietly asking myself “when will this be over?”. Guys it has been 18 hours since and I still feel weird. I feel relaxed but too relaxed. I can barely remember anything after 8 seconds and every now and then I just blank and stare off. Something is in those gummies that really shouldnt be. I really would like to come down from this.

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