Gwyneth Paltrow’s skincare secret is on sale for $10.99 at Amazon

In the event, we had to choose one person (on the planet), who has the whole “self-care” thing down pat? It’s a no-brainer: Gwyneth Paltrow. At 48-years-old, she’s nothing short of a wellness-icon; forging a path via her Goop empire.

From vampire facials — a personal favorite of Kim Kardashian-West — to vaginal steaming her unorthodox recommendations, at times controversial, have often been proven effective, too. The most popular one of them all? The dry brush.

The dry brush — also known as “dry brushing” — is the well-received wellness routine that has drawn a liking from Miranda Kerr to Candace Cameron Bure, but what exactly does it consist of? Dry brushing is an absolute essential for anyone who’s looking to exfoliate their body and promote blood circulation throughout.

In a recent Redbook Magazine interview, Paltrow explains that her reason for exploring this trend was a result of turning 40.

“When I turned 40, I felt like I started operating on this whole other level. Internally you feel more beautiful than ever because you really know yourself, but you’re also getting wrinkles and losing plumpness, so you step up your skincare,” she explains. And one major way she did that? Incorporating a dry brush into her nightly routine.

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Dry Brushing Body Brush l (Was $14.99) Now $10.99, at Amazon

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According to her, dry brushing is “an amazing way to exfoliate your body,” and her process? It’s easier than you think.

“You [start by taking] the dry brush and, starting at your feet and working up. Sweep it all over your body in light, firm strokes, always brushing toward your heart,” she continues.

Now, if you’re wondering what exactly the point of doing this is? The two-time Academy Award winner further explains.

Dry brushing is “fantastic for circulation, and it helps smooth cellulite,” and if you’re hoping to see a real change? Go ahead and try her system, in which she recommends dry brushing “every night before [getting] into the bath.” Sounds pretty amazing, doesn’t it? It does and we haven’t even mentioned the best part.

The best part about trying this out first-hand for yourself? Users can score this Gwyneth Paltrow-approved dry brush for just $10.99 on Amazon right now! You read that right, only $10.99!

Here, this perfect piece will rejuvenate your skin, promote blood circulation, exfoliate dead skin, and even reduce the appearance of cellulite! And, if you don’t believe us? Just ask the nearly 3,000 reviewers who can’t get enough!

One reviewer said, “it’s the high-quality brush you absolutely need,” whereas another “loved this exfoliating brush and the massage it provided,” which if asking us? Sounds like music to our ears. But the best part?

According to one reviewer, it’s the “longevity,” of this specific brush. This reviewer loved how it “lasted up to 6 months,” before needing to be replaced. Talk about a worthwhile investment worth every penny. So what are you waiting for? The clock is ticking and this dry brush is the A-list-approved item you don’t want but need.

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