For daily smokers with no major health concerns, what benefits do you get from marijuana that keep you smoking?

I have internalized anxiety. I don’t let it out and allow my family to see it because it doesn’t do any good because my wife externalizes hers. It also gives us some time alone together after the kids go to bed. We go out to our lounge and each take about 2 or 3 puffs from a bowl.

Marijuana has changed how I think about everything in life. I care more about people. I care more about myself. Since I’ve been smoking daily I’ve lost almost 100lbs and have learned more than I have in all of my years of school. When anxiety disappears it’s amazing what it can do for your mental and physical health. I refuse to take antianxiety meds or antidepressants because I believe they do more harm than good.

I truly believe that psychoactive drugs can rewire your brain for the good. I feel that I think more deeply about things, I care more about others, and am constantly trying to improve myself in all parts of my life. I want to be the best husband and father in the world and I owe my renewed outlook on life to marijuana.

I will never stop consuming marijuana. Unfortunately, it is illegal in my state in all forms and I’m a teacher. If I ever lose my job because if it, I will move to a state where it’s legal. It’s that important to my well-being.

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