Do you think moderate cannabis use can improve the way your body looks for people who work out

Aside from the pain relieving effects, some cannabinoids, such as THC-V, have an appetite suppression reaction as well. Strains like “Durban Poison” and “Incredible Hulk” often test with high amounts of THC-V, and those strains can have anti-inflammatory qualities and curb people’s hunger…a perfect blend for a gym rat.

Now, there are people who will not have these reactions with those strains, and the science is not exact, but I do believe that some strains help me lift/run/ push harder, while other strains make me want to skip the gym for the ice cream shop or the couch. I use cannabis when I lift weights and it makes it fantastic. Maybe that is just me, but I love it, and I find strains like Durban Poison really make the workout feel soooo much better.

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