Common Dog Skin Problems & How CBD Can Help Them

Food and Drug Allergies

Just like us, our dogs can have adverse reactions to what they eat. Food allergies are caused by the consumption of food containing a particular ingredient which causes the body to mount a defense against the offending ingredient, these kinds of allergies can be caused by medications as well. Food allergens are the cause of approximately ten percent of all allergy symptoms seen in dogs. Some of the most common food allergies in dogs include wheat, corn, soy, chicken and eggs. Food allergies can usually be determined by eliminating certain foods from your pup’s diet until you find the one that is causing the symptoms, and then eliminate that one entirely. If the food allergies are making your dog especially irritated or anxious, another CBD product you can try giving them is CBD Pet Chews for Pets. It’s an easy, hassle-free way to ensure the CBD gets into your pet’s system, so they can feel their best as quickly as possible.


Hives are another skin problem that your pup may experience in their life. Hives are a specific type of allergic reaction that effects dogs, humans and other animals. Hives appear as round raised bumps that itch. Unlike some allergic reactions, hives are fast to appear and generally develop within half an hour of exposure to an allergen. Hives can be caused by insect bites, medications and applications of topical medications. If your dog is experiencing discomfort due to hives, try giving them CBD Pet Stress-Free Oral Spray. CBD products can help decrease the pain and comfort that comes with hives and itchiness.

CBD’s natural benefits for your dog include gentle anti-inflammatory and anti-itch relief, natural promotion of their skin’s external barrier and regenerative properties, and general calming/anti-anxiety effects. You can easily incorporate CBD oil into your pet’s diet, but for immediate relief, try a CBD-enhanced shampoo to soothe and heal irritated skin. As always, before starting Fido on any new routine, consult with your vet before you give them any of our CBD health products.


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