City Council meeting Tuesday: Cannabis appeal, strategic plan, ban of commercial use on public …

SOUTH LAKE TAHOE, Calif. – The next meeting of the South Lake Tahoe City Council takes place on Tuesday, March 2.

There are several items on the agenda, including the following:

City Council will honor “Heroes of COVID” and issue Certificates of Appreciation

to community members, City employees, stakeholders, or other persons who have directly improved the lives, businesses, and future of our community throughout this pandemic. Council will be honoring these heroes at meetings starting March 2. The honorees this month will be:

– Deputy Todd Crawford, Office of Emergency Services, Search and Rescue El Dorado
County Sheriff’s Office
– Deputy Chief Michael Lilienthal, El Dorado Hills Fire Department, coordinator for vaccine Kristine Oase-Guth, MPH, El Dorado County Emergency Medical Services Authority, coordinator for vaccine distribution distribution
– Michelle Patterson, MPH, El Dorado County Emergency Medical Services Authority,
coordinator for vaccine distribution
– Caprice Ramsey, Public Health Nurse, El Dorado County Health and Human Services,
facilitates support for staff that is COVID positive or needs guidance
– Christian Simental, Medical Office Assistant, El Dorado County Health and Human
Services Agency, coordinates and assists with COVID testing for City staff

They will hear a presentation on the update of the Recreation Center and Aquatics Center Project.

The will vote on the first reading of a South Lake Tahoe City Code to Prohibit Commercial Use of Public Docks. The City is responsible for operating the El Dorado Beach Boat Launch. In recent years, commercial uses at the boat launch and dock have significantly increased with boat rental companies using the boat dock for private business purposes. Staff say the increased use has resulted in adverse impacts to public recreational uses and public safety concerns. The proposed code amendment will eliminate negative impacts from commercial uses and improve public safety on and off the water.

There will be a presentation of the City’s Strategic Plan.

On the agenda is an appeal by Perfect Union SLT, LLC of Planning Commission Resolution 2021-02. On January 14, 2020 the City Council approved, by ordinance, a cannabis development agreement with Perfect Union SLT, LLC. They were approved to open a microbusiness on James Avenue by February 13, 2021 but asked for an extension of six months to open their business. The Planning Commission denied the extension and their second request, to change the name on the permit from Perfect Union SLT, LLC to James Tahoe, LLC. The local representatives remain the same but they have severed ties with Perfect Union.

To view the complete agenda and instructions on participating and viewing the virtual meeting, visit

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