Childhood memories when high?

I’ve gotten high probably like 10-15 times so far in my life. Whenever I take edibles, I get extremely intense flashbacks to forgotten/repressed moments from my childhood (usually like ages 4-12). It’s not even that I just remember them in my head – I literally FEEL like I’m reliving these moments. For example, if I’m sitting on the couch with a blanket watching TV, I suddenly feel like I’m experiencing every moment from my childhood that I sat on a couch with a blanket all at the same time. And as I move around while high, I’m just constantly in this state of experiencing all my childhood memories related to whatever I’m doing. I also keep seeing like “pixels” of my childhood memories – its like I’m seeing a 3 dimensional cube in my head made up of patterns and images from my childhood (from the most random obscure things (ex. the pattern from a card game I used to play as a kid, my moms blanket from our old house, the notes to a piano song I used to play as a kid). Every time I go through this when high, its the weirdest most unnerving yet amazing thing I’ve ever experienced and I have no idea how to explain it to the people around me. Please tell me someone else relates to this lol

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