CBD Gummies Multi-Vitamin 300mg

Getting your everyday fitness supplement has never been easier or more delicious with Atmos CBD nutritional gummies. With a blast of refreshing flavours in each gummy, you will look forward to taking your vitamins every day! Our CBD multivitamin gummies are vegan and made with no artificial colours or added preservatives. Also, all of our CBD is made from GMO-free, organically pure hemp oil harvested and extracted right here in the USA.

For a daily dose of well-rounded nutrition, MultiVitamin+CBD offers vital vitamins and minerals appropriate for everyday needs. Providing essential vitamins and minerals with cannabidiol support, this combination provides convenience and optimal daily care. Our Multivitamin CBD Gummies are tasty, easy to consume and to store and have a balanced fruity flavour. CBD Gummies Multivitamin is safe, gentle, and effective. This formulation helps aid in optimal daily cannabidiol support.

Vitamins A, C, E and vital minerals are a few of the various essentials present in these gummies, which help reduce inflammation, build a healthy immune system and maintain several other physical functions, such as bone strength. The multivitamin gummies ingested orally and work fast with our Nano-Amplified Fast Absorbing pure CBD. The flavours hide the taste of the oil, making them a delicious option for both children and adults in need of medical grade CBD. Like all of our CBD products, these gummies are THC free making us one of the best MultiVitamin CBD Gummies providers in Houston, Texas.

How to use it?

As a nutritional supplement adults can take one or two gummy every day, preferably with a meal or as recommended by a physician. If you are a first time user, consume one serving and observe the effects of 2-3 days. Alter dosage if essential. Store in a cool, dry place. If any adverse reactions ensue, stop using this product and consult a physician.

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