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There are numerous ways to use CBD, vaping the oil is one of it. It is not only the most enjoyable way to use it, but also an effective way to utilize it. Vaping helps in enabling the CBD to enter into the bloodstream of the consumer and hence has a greater bioavailability when compared to other methods of using CBD in the digestive system.

Vaping is also used as a great way to relieve oneself of anxiety and stress and also serves as one of the best alternatives to smoking. Some of the ways to use CBD oil by vaping are:

Using a vape juice

If you are an experienced vape user, it is recommended that you go for CBD vape juice. This is because vape juice can provide you with the experience of vaping which you already have. They can even choose to mix the vape juice along with the vape oil. You need to have a vaping device to use the vape juice. It is also much cheaper as the cost of replenishing the vape juice is much lesser than a vape pen.

Using a vape pen

Using a CBD vape pen required you to replace the cartridges more often. This would raise the costs of utilization. But it is recommended for the new vape users as it comes in an easy to use box and can be easily used once and be done with it with no extra efforts required.

Is the liquid homogeneous?

It refers to the uniformity of the oil which is in the tube. It is difficult to easily mix CBD with many kinds of liquids. It is compatible only with a few, selective kind of liquids. If there is some separation between the liquids, it would result in uneven dosage of the product when inhaled. Hence, make sure that the liquid that you choose is perfectly homogeneous and the distribution is even.

Compatibility with the vaporizer

If you have purchased an e-liquid, and it is not homogeneous, it is possible that it might not go with your vaporizer. It might create havoc with the one that depends on the cotton wick in it to soak the liquid which is present with it. The oil dries out with time and makes the wick hard enough which makes the tank unusable after a period of time.

You can come over this difficulty by using a ceramic heating vaporizer or choosing the liquid which is completely homogeneous and can work with any kind of vape pen.


Hence, vaping can be a new and a unique task if you haven’t tried it before. However, if you are already experienced in the process, and you have all the materials required, it could turn out to be the perfect process for you. Every type of vape pen or vape juice has different compatibility with it and you must be aware of the different usages of each and every pen and choose your liquid accordingly.

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