Bubba Island Kush, The Resin monster – From Dutch passion

The legal cannabis market in the USA has produced some genuinely special genetics, especially in the last few years as breeding momentum has gathered pace. The best of the USA cannabis breeding successes are making their way across to Europe where they are gratefully received.

Bubba Island Kush genetics came from North America by crossing (Grandaddy Purple x OG Kush) with a pre ’98 Bubba Kush reverted male. She has an average height of 1 meter indoors, a fast 7.5 week flowering period and sour/fruity Kush tones. Her leaves can turn dark during bloom giving her a real hash plant appearance with extremely resinous buds. Concentrate makers will love this strain because of the high oil content

Bubba Island Kush® has an earthy Kush aroma but the sour and fruity tones are dominant. The frosty buds are dense, compact and of premium potency. The relaxing high is satisfying and deeply enjoyable. This fast Indica is perfect for growers looking for the best quality Kush buds in the shortest time.

Because the Bubba Island Kush is an indica hash plant the final height is often around a meter. It’s a good variety for growers with limited vertical height and because of the short, stocky nature of this strain she is suited for growers that like to use long veg times. Bubba Island grows well with around 4-5 weeks veg growth, but she really reaches her full potential if she can be given a couple of extra weeks in veg. Some growers remove the growing tip during veg to produce an even bushier final result.

True Kush plants thrive when the branches are tied down to open up the plant to more light. And Bubba Island Kush is no exception. Yields can be increased significantly with this technique, which allows light penetration to the lower branches. The result of this is more bud sites, and bigger buds. Some growers don’t like the extra hassle of low stress training, and relatively few growers can be bothered with the routine of tying down branches with string. But it’s an uncomplicated job, and worth considering due to the growth vigor of Bubba Island Kush and the high potential she has for large THC-rich harvests.

One of the genetic attractions with Bubba Island Kush is the extreme resin production. The Dutch Passion team have rarely seen such a rich frosting of trichomes on any variety, the density of the trichomes is unusual and without doubt this is one of the key reasons for the high potency levels. It’s also the reason this variety is popular with manufacturers of concentrates and oils. Any old school growers that have heard the term ‘Hash plant’ can happily apply that description to Bubba Island Kush. Even the under-side of the fan leaves are coated in resin. When you harvest your Bubba Island Kush, be sure to keep the leaves and trimmed material for extraction, they will produce much higher quantities of concentrates than other varieties.

Bubba Island Kush is usually the first variety in your grow room to be ready for harvest, usually taking just under 8 weeks. It’s not unusual for a good Kush variety to be ready in 8-9 weeks, but Bubba Island is even faster than that. During the first part of bloom the buds start to emerge and you will notice trichomes appear on the buds, and fan leaves, much earlier than normal. The resin continues to accumulate during weeks 3-5 of bloom as the buds swell. You may notice hints of color to the buds, with blue and purple hues thanks to the influence of the Grandaddy Purple heritage. As the buds reach 6-7 weeks into bloom they will feel hard and will have reached a good size.

The pistil hairs will have already started to turn brown as harvest approaches, and you will notice that the buds and the leaves are coated in trichomes. Rub the buds with your fingers and you get an explosion of aromas, terpenes and oil. Berry and fruity Kush aromas dominate along with a hint of fuel vapor. It’s a delicious sweet aroma, more powerful than most thanks to the high oil/terpene content. And it only gets better with a good cure. If you can keep a few buds in the jar for a couple of months you will notice the smoke quality just keeps improving.

Bubba Island Kush was one of those rare varieties that got a double ‘thumbs up’ from the test team, many of whom have a high tolerance to cannabis and can be difficult to impress. THC levels are at the high end, and many growers will get 20%++ THC content when grown in optimized conditions. But it’s not just about the THC content.

As soon as you start to smoke/vape Bubba Island you will notice a strong taste as the terpenes hit you with a delicious array of flavors. Like many good indica Kush strains the high arrives quickly and it’s a soothing and relaxing effect. Smoke a joint and you will hear the resin burn and bubble, creating a sizzling sound if you listen carefully. You feel like melting away onto your bed or sofa, the body stone is strong with a feel-good anti-anxiety effect and the high lasts a long time – even after the high wears off you will still be able to feel the effects of Bubba Island for several hours.

Smoke too much of this in the evening and you can experience a seriously impressive appetite which is best served with either spicy or sweet food. Yields on Bubba Island Kush are not the highest we have ever seen, they are above average but not in the XXL category, but this is a variety bred for the highest resin content and the best quality connoisseur cannabis. As well as providing extreme enjoyment and relaxation, the buds are rock hard and rattle with a pleasing sound in your jar. Usually these will be the first buds you reach for in the evening, and you will enjoy each session vaping/smoking them.

Bubba Island Kush is an easy variety to take cuttings from, the cuttings root quickly and easily, and after you have harvested her you will find her easy to re-grow. Just make sure that you leave a few leaves or buds on the harvested plant, and put her back under 18/6 light. Within a couple of weeks you will see vegetative growth re-commencing as new branches and leaves form. After a few weeks of 18/6 light you can put her back under 12/12 light and get another resin-rich crop from her.

It’s unusual for the Dutch Passion team to be quite this passionate about a new variety, but Bubba Island Kush ticks all the right boxes: easy to grow, fast, compact, potent and with a refreshing feel good smoke and decent yields. It comes highly recommended. We hope you enjoy her.

Written and Published by Dutch Passion in Weed World Magazine Issue 136

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