Armed Men Storm OK Dispensary! Steal Over $12k and Even More in Product!

On Saturday July 18 th 2020 in Choctaw County Oklahoma a medical marijuana dispensary was the victim of a brazen armed robbery.

Three thieves managed to escape with thousands of dollars and even more in product. According to the workers in the dispensary a man had come in and was upset that the shop would not sell to him illegally. One of the workers said the suspect was heard saying “he knew what he had to do,” after the shop workers had refused to budge on following the laws, regulations, and the policy of the dispensary. Once the man left the shop he got into his chromed out Blue Dodge four door pickup truck. The man then met a red Dodge Charger with a chrome grill and aftermarket chrome wheels, there must have been a Groupon for a chrome shop in their neighborhood. The cops should look into that. The Red Charger then pulled up to the dispensary and three men exited the vehicle. Two men entered the shop and distracted the workers with questions about medical marijuana when the third man entered with an assault rifle. The two other suspects were also armed and drew their weapons.

The suspects ordered the workers to the ground and were held at gunpoint while the robbers emptied both safes which were stocked with product, cash, and a gun. Once the robbers had cleared the safes they ordered the victims into the closet. “I really thought they were taking us back there to die, and they told us to stay in there, don’t come out or they would kill us,” according to Sherri Taylor, one of the workers at the dispensary that fateful day. “I don’t think if we would have not complied they would have killed us.” The Taylors said the robbers got away with $12,000 and even more than that in cannabis products. The first suspect was described as a black male, light skin tone, early to mid-20’s, athletic build, approximately six feet tall, wearing black Nike hoodie or jacket, St. Louis Rams snapback, black sweats, white and black shoes, wearing a surgical style mask. At least he’s socially aware. The second suspect was a black male, light skin tone, early to mid-20’s, athletic build, approximately six feet tall, wearing a black hoodie zip-up jacket, Atlanta Braves snapback, black sweats, white and black tennis shoes, and a surgical mask. The third suspect was described as a black male, early to mid-20’s, slender build, approximately 5’10”, wearing a black hoodie with white print, maroon colored pants, brown gloves and a black face mask.

Once the Taylors were sure the suspects had left, they called for help. Now the shop is focusing on recovering and getting back to business. “From cancer patients to seizures, there are numerous people we help and that this medicine helps but we’re coming back, we will come back from this,” Sherri said. The Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation is handling this case and asks that anyone with any information regarding this robbery to contact them at

By Bishop Henry

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