Alberta cannabis growers push for winery-type sampling tours

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“I’d rather deal with people coming out of a cannabis dispensary than a bunch of drunks piling out of a bar,” said Beaudry, who’s also president of the Alberta Cannabis Micro License Association.

But obstacles remain to such a concept, not the least of them an industry model that mandates all licensed cannabis products go through Alberta Gaming, Liquor and Cannabis’s St. Albert warehouse before being distributed to private retailers.

Farm-to-gate producers would also need to acquire retail and possibly processing permits to proceed — and provincial sanction to even start down that road.

“We’re not quite there yet, but while (provincial officials) weren’t warm to it at all a year ago, they’re warmer to it now,” said Beaudry.

For one thing, she said, it would promise fresher product for buyers than the pot spending shelf time in the AGLC’s warehouse.

And ideally, that farm-to-gate model would include the sale of cannabis seedlings — an…

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