A No Brainer When Dealing With Brain Cancer, By Dee Mani-Mitchell

Faced with this devastating news at only 47 years old, her oncologist informed her she had 5 to 10 years maximum to live and was quite nonchalantly told that if she refused their harsh protocol of chemotherapy and radiotherapy, she would most likely die within 2 years!

Like myself, Sheriann decided to take her own life into her own hands and started researching cannabis oil. After grounding herself with this self-taught knowledge she decided to embark on her healing protocol. Surgery was booked in for the following October, and for the 2 months following diagnosis she was taking between 1-2 grams a day of full extract cannabis oil, her aim was to fuel her body with 2 ounces of oil as quickly as possible.

Alongside taking cannabis, Sheriann also cleaned up her diet which she explained as being half the battle – no sugar, carbs, fats, flours or red meats were included in her daily eating habits and she swore by the teachings of the Bud-Wig diet. She also incorporated frankincense oil and vitamin C into her daily schedule.

The day before surgery Sheriann stopped the oil intake until 2 days after the craniotomy which removed 97% of the tumour, the operation lasted 6 hours and resulted in 22 staples to Sheriann’s skull, within 26 hours afterwards she was released from hospital after being up and about the same day, her doctors were fully aware she was self medicating with cannabis oil and they worked with her on that decision right from the start, which is the difference being treated in a legal cannabis state as opposed to being treated in a non-legal country.

Of course, Sheriann’s oncologist expected her to have the usual courses of chemotherapy and radiotherapy following surgery, however Sheriann absolutely refused, instead requesting an MRI for the January after to keep an eye on her progress. 3 months later and the scan had determined that the cannabis oil had in fact managed to kill the remaining 3% of tumour that was leftover from surgery.

To this day, Sheriann is still cancer free, healthy and well, she has professed that she’s “definitely not ready to die just yet” and will continue medicating with a gram of oil a day for the rest of her life.

Oligodendroglioma is a rare tumor that occurs in the brain. It belongs to a group of brain tumors called gliomas. Gliomas are primary tumors, this means they have originated in the brain rather than spreading from elsewhere in the body. Around 3% of all brain tumors are oligodendrogliomas. The tumors can be fast or slow growing and are more commonly diagnosed in adults, though young children can also be affected. In rare cases, the tumors can spread through the central nervous system via the fluid around your brain and spinal cord.

Medics declare a good prognosis only after conventional medicine as Sheriann’s oncologist originally confirmed she would more than likely be dead within 2 years, happy to announce that once again cannabis has smashed such claims and Sheriann is living proof!

Published and Written by Dee Mani-Mitchell in Weed World Magazine Issue 148

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