6 Christmas Activities That Are Better High (and Three That Aren’t)

Long hair, good vibes and a penchant for peace. If Jesus really did exist, he was almost definitely a stoner. Hence, what better time of year to get stuck into some seriously top-shelf cannabis than Christmas?

Across much of the world (sorry Brits), legalization has transformed the face of cannabis culture like never before. In 2019, more people than ever before are expected to bring cannabis into their Christmas activities. New traditions born, classic Christmas pursuits enhanced – it’s all shaping up to be one hell of a year.

Again, sorry Brits.

Bringing quality cannabis into your Christmas calendar really shouldn’t be difficult. However, there are several classic Christmas activities that are so much better while high. Along with a handful that most definitely aren’t.

Taking a look at the more positive side of the whole thing first, here are six fabulous festive favourites you’ll find way more enjoyable with weed:

  1. Taking in the local lights

First up, a little herbal enhancement is just the thing when taking in the local lights. Staring at colourful Christmas lights almost instinctively takes most people back to their childhoods. There’s something mesmerising, magical and borderline euphoric about the illuminations associated with Christmas. Precisely why pairing the whole thing with an equally uplifting and euphoric strain really is the way to go. Northern Lights can be the stuff of dreams at this time of year, injecting even more magic into an already memorable experience.

  1. Go nuts with the decorations

Taking in the local light show is one thing, but it can be even more satisfying to get things going at home. You’ve taken inspiration from your neighbours – now’s the time to outdo them. Decking the halls is all about creativity, expression and soaking up the seasonal spirit. Once again, therefore, you’ll probably want to set your sights on a more uplifting and energising strain. Certainly nothing that’s going to make you feel heavy and lazy – sativa strains being inadvisable. Grab yourself a batch of your favourite wake and bake strain, get the Christmas tunes playing and allow yourself to be carried away by the whole thing.

  1. A romantic evening at home

Christmas, cosiness and quintessentially romantic evenings go hand in hand. There’s really no better time of year to settle in for an enjoyable evening with someone special. That is, unless you bring some beautifully balanced bud into the equation. Opt for something with a near-perfect 50:50 sativa/indica balance. Ideally, with a relatively modest THC content. This way, you’ll enjoy the best of all worlds – an uplifting cerebral high, coupled with a warm and relaxing body stone. A fantastically balanced strain can also be just the thing for spicing things up between the sheets.

  1. Walking in a winter wonderland

If you’re lucky enough to be treated to a white Christmas, you may as well make the most of it. If not, it can still be hugely enjoyable to take a walk on a crisp and refreshing winter’s day with your nearest and dearest. Or, if you’re the type who prefers quiet solitude and reflection, in your own company. In any case, there’s an extensive list of stellar strains that can make walks like these unforgettable experiences. Just a few examples of which include Willie Nelson, Cinderella 99, Blue Dream, Orange Crush and Alaskan Thunder Fuck – all of which are made for enjoying the great outdoors.

  1. Culinary creativity

If you’re not already adding quality cannabis to your favourite Christmas culinary creations, you’re missing out on something amazing. There’s almost nothing on any national or international Christmas menu that cannot be taken to the next level with a well-paired strain. Classic Christmas brownies take some beating, but it’s also worth having a go at your own jams, jellies, chutneys, desserts and so on.

  1. Christmas movie night

Self-explanatory – think movies like Gremlins, Scrooged, Die Hard or pretty much anything that stars Chevy Chase. That’ll probably be enough to keep you busy for a good while at least.

Activities to Avoid While High…

At the opposite end of the scale, there’s an equally long list of Christmas activities that should probably be avoided while high. The most prominent of which being as follows:

1. Dinner with the In-Laws

Getting high with your fellow stoners at Christmas can be an absolute joy. Attempting to pretend you’re not baked as hell while dining with your in-laws can be the exact opposite. The more formal and stuffy the occasion, the more hideous the reality of being well and truly off your nut. A couple of modest hits on a mild daytime strain is fine, but don’t take things too far – you’ll regret it in an instant.

2. Important Christmas Shopping

You leave the house with the intention of picking up an attractive ornament and picture frame, only to return with a popcorn maker and a remote-controlled UFO. Not the end of the world at most times of year, but an entirely more problematic issue at Christmas. If you have important Christmas shopping to do, it’s probably best that you do it with a level head. Particularly as negotiating Christmas crowds can be panic inducing at the best of times! Shopping for yourself while high is one thing – taking care of other people’s shopping is something else entirely.

3. The Office Christmas Party

Last but not least, the annual office Christmas party can be a uniquely woeful experience. In fact, research suggests that the vast majority of people well and truly dread office Christmas parties each year. Intoxication is tempting (and sometimes inevitable), but can also make for a pretty embarrassing experience when normal life resumes once again. Feel free to partake if everyone else is doing so, but try not to be the only wasted individual at the party who’s incapable of coherent conversation. Again, you only stand to regret it at a later date.

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