5 Actual Self Care Practices for Cannabis Consumers

5 Actual Self Care Practices for Cannabis Consumers

How about we learn about 5 Actual Self Care Practices for Cannabis Consumers!

Cannabis is supposed to help with pain, inflammation, anxiety, and depression, and bolster your wellness routine right?

Some strains help us totally chill out, and others create an inferno of motivation that will just rock your socks off.

But stress is a sneaky thing, and sometimes we just need to focus on our own self-care, right?

How Are You Practicing Self Care?

1) Mindful Breathing.

It’s as simple as taking a breath: one of the easiest ways to practice self-care is through mindful breathing.

women sitting in yoga pose at cannabis yoga retreat

We often forget that our lungs are working hard (and they’re working a little harder if you’re consuming cannabis), so give them some TLC and love your lungs!

Mindful Breathing can be done in as little as five minutes a day and there are apps as well as YouTube videos a-plenty. Thich Nhat Hahn is the Zen Master at this one, give it a try!

You know what they say? Inhale the good sh*t, exhale the bullsh*t.

What a great way to practice self-care for Cannabis consumers!

Physical Activity is Self Care!

2) Pump The Iron.

You don’t need to pump iron like Arnold to get results. But you can get your body moving in helpful and healthy ways.

If you’re recovering from any illness or injury, you’ll be happy to know that low-impact activities like walking, is generally safe for most people.


Yoga – it’s not what you think! Many people believe that in order to start yoga, you need to have some level of pretzel-flexibility. This is not the case.

Yoga means union. The literal translation is yolk. And the flexible part? Well that’s just your mind, and as long as you can be open and move your body gently, you’ll feel the amazing effects.

Restorative Yoga can be done daily as well as chair yoga. Try it!

3) Journaling Or Expression Through Art

Have you ever purchased an adult colouring book? There are some fantastic ones out there – even weed-inspired colouring books.

Getting creative, feeling the vibes of a mindful activity where you’re using your right brain can give you all the feels.

Painting, drawing, playing with beads, gemstones, bracelet-making or clay – all fine examples of ways to just slow down, take care and explore self-care for you!

Another great way to practice self-care for Cannabis consumers!

4) Meal Prep & Healthy Eating

It’s super easy to give in to your munchie cravings and eat everything in sight. Trust us; we’re pros.

Meal prepping is the single most beneficial and easy way to ensure you’re eating healthy and well.

weed carrots

Just an hour or two a week, and you can have all of the fruits, veggies, keto-friendly and gluten-free foods you love and your fridge will feel like a buffet on some tropical all-inclusive island. Bonus!

Don’t be afraid of the kitchen and try some of our recipes from the Cannadish Cookbook today. Plenty of healthy ones to enjoy!

5) Animal Therapy

Yes, it may either sound silly or absolutely purrrfect – but there are studies out there that show that hanging out with animals does wonders for your mental health.


Whether you’ve got a pet, or you can ‘borrow’ one from a pal – incorporating animal therapy, petting, grooming and being around animals is a very healing and rewarding experience for both parties!

Practice some of these self-care techniques and let us know which one is your fav to do with edibles, while high, or in between puffs!

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