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Eucalyptol is called after the eucalyptus tree native to Australia, however it’s additionally present in cannabis in small portions. As well as, you’ll discover the terpene eucalyptol in crops comparable to…

  • tea bushes – the species melaleuca alternifolia, of Queensland Australia
  • mugwort
  • bay leaves
  • camphor laurel
  • basil
  • rosemary
  • sage

It’s primarily identified for eucalyptus although. Hashish isn’t a serious supply of eucalyptol, with the standard pressure having it make up lower than 1% of the overall terpene profile. Eucalyptol can also be identified by the identify of cineole.

Taste and aroma:

A pleasing, spicy aroma makes eucalyptol scent like tea, whereas its style is minty and refreshing. It has a “medication style” side as nicely, because of eucalyptol being utilized in merchandise comparable to mouthwashes and cough drops.

What it does:

Of all of the cannabis terpenes, eucalyptol is closest to being a stand-alone drug by itself. Whereas it isn’t current in excessive sufficient portions to contribute a lot to the feeling of consuming it, it’s the topic of intense medical analysis. Up to now, it’s certified as an analgesic (ache reduction), antibacterial and anti-fungal, antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and it inhibits most cancers cell development.

The attainable functions of eucalyptol (cineole) may fill a e-book, however right here’s a brief record of potential remedies:

Along with all this, eucalyptol reveals up in cosmetics, meals flavorings, fragrances, pesticides, and even cigarettes, to enhance the flavour. By no means noticed that coming, did you?

The place to search out it:

Whereas eucalyptol isn’t sometimes current in excessive concentrations in cannabis strains, these varieties have essentially the most of it:

  • Tremendous Silver Haze
  • Headband
  • Bubba Kush
  • Woman Scout Cookies

Since eucalyptol is the main focus of a lot medical research, and cannabis cultivation being the experimental market it’s, there is perhaps heavier eucalyptol strains sooner or later.

Poisonous advisory:

Eucalyptol is deadly in excessive doses! Its LD50 is 2480 mg/kg. That works out to about ~1/third of a pound for the typical grownup human, and notice that that is based mostly on ingesting straight, undiluted eucalyptus oil. Only for comparability, the LD50 for frequent over-the-counter aspirin is 200 mg/kg. In the meantime, the eucalyptol you’d be uncovered to from smoking or vaping essentially the most extremely concentrated pressure doesn’t even register on this scale. Simply don’t purchase a bottle of the uncooked terpene and chug it, OK?

Eucalyptol can also be flammable. Maintain it away from open flame. Once more, this is applicable to the terpene focus itself.

It is usually straight up poisonous to cats, canine, and horses. Take into account that you may say the identical for caffeine; different mammals don’t have the resistance to chemical compounds that huge, robust people do.

Enjoyable details:

Regardless of all the opposite poisonous warnings, eucalyptus is actually not deadly to koalas, who’re identified to completely eat the leaves of the eucalyptus tree for the majority of their weight loss program. By the best way, they don’t get “stoned” on eucalyptus leaves because the city legend goes. Nevertheless, quoting a conservation web site, koalas “…want extra sleep than most animals as a result of eucalyptus leaves include toxins and are very low in diet and excessive in fibrous matter in order that they take a considerable amount of vitality to digest.”